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Ticket Information for Showholders

What are tickets?

NAN entry qualifications earned at NAMHSA member shows are provided to entrants in the form of "tickets".

These tickets are now the SOLE proof of a model's NAN qualification. We strongly recommend that you make copies of the show entrant ticket information, available here, and give a copy to your entrants on show day.

Ticket Distribution

As a Member Showholder you will be sent two tickets per NAN qualifier class. Member showholders must make sure that one ticket is given at the same time each first and second place ribbon is awarded in each NAN qualifier class at the show. Please give the appropriately colored tickets to your judge, ring steward or whomever places your ribbons down for each class. Each ticket will have a label on the back with your show's name, date and NANs the ticket qualifies for. Do not distribute any ticket that does not have a label! On the front will be blanks for the model's name, owner name and class name, for the model's owner to fill in themselves.


YELLOW tickers are for NON-Breed HALTER CLASSES (i.e., workmanship, collectibility, etc.)


Absolutely DO NOT mail tickets to entrants after the show, or distribute them in any other manner. Tickets MUST be placed down next to the first and second place winners in each approved open NAN qualifier class at the same time ribbons are awarded, AT THE SHOW. Entrants need to have the tickets right when the class is placed, to be sure they know which class they won the ticket in, in order to fill in that info on their ticket. If necessary, tickets will be mailed to the owners by NAMHSA.

Extra Tickets

Please return any EXTRA tickets from your show to the Membership Secretary, or hand them to a NAN official at your local show or at NAN, and we will re-use them!

When should I receive my tickets?

If you have not received the NAN qualification cards for your show by approximately two weeks prior to your show date, please contact the Show Member Secretary.

PLEASE COUNT YOUR NAN QUALIFICATION CARDS as soon as you receive them. If you were not sent the correct amount, contact the Show Member Secretary right away. NAN cards may NOT be duplicated or reproduced in any way! Please note that your NAN card total will include a roughly 5% overage to accommodate class splits at your show.

Classlist Changes

This is VERY IMPORTANT! If you change your classlist between now and your show, you will be in danger of not having the correct amount of tickets! You MUST inform the Secretary of ANY classlist changes that result in MORE classes being added, so that more tickets can be sent in time for your show.

Recording Ticket Winners

Be certain to mail a copy of your show's NAN ticket winners to the NAMHSA Show Secretary. Click here for more information on how to send in results.

Show entrants will be responsible for filling out the class/horse information on the fronts of the tickets they win, immediately. You will be solely responsible for keeping track of your tickets/ qualifications. Keep your tickets in a safe place until the time when you fill out your NAN entry forms.

General NAN Entry Information

Tickets are REQUIRED to enter NAN. Please note that there is no replacement available for lost or damaged tickets! A person having qualified models will be entirely responsible for requesting their NAN entry packet and entering NAN in a timely manner.

Check the main NAN page for current entry information!

Last updated on March 28, 2010