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NAN Card Information for Entrants
What are NAN Cards?

NAN entry qualifications earned at NAMHSA member shows are provided to entrants in the form of "tickets", more commonly known as NAN cards.

These tickets are now the SOLE proof of a model's NAN qualification. Please note that lost or damaged tickets CANNOT BE REPLACED, and NAN cannot be entered without them.

Completing Your Ticket

Show entrants will be responsible for filling out the class/horse information on the fronts of the tickets they win, immediately. You must sign your card upon receipt. You will be solely responsible for keeping track of your tickets/qualifications. Keep your tickets in a safe place until the time when you fill out your NAN entry forms. All information must be completed in order for your card to be valid.

What if my model is sold?

If a model is sold, you must send any tickets along with the horse to the new owner. Do not cross out the original owner's name as this will be used to verify the card against the qualifying show's results. New owners must write their name on the back of the tickets. NAMHSA does not need to be notified of a change of ownership.

Cutoff Date for Qualifying

The cutoff date for entering a NAMHSA member show for each year's NAN is April 30 of that year. For example, horses have until April 30, 2013 to qualify to enter NAN 2013. Click here for more information on NAN.

NAN Entry Packet

The NAN Entry Packet will be available on the main NAN page each spring as registration opens.

Entering NAN With Your Tickets

  1. NAN entrants will attach the horse's tickets to each horse's NAN entry form. You may submit up to one performance ticket per division (English, Western or Other), one Halter and/or one Non-Halter (collectibility or workmanship) ticket per horse. Once a ticket is used, that horse must re-qualify for the next NAN, unless you possess multiple tickets for that horse.

  2. The NAN Registrar/Committee will process entry forms and tickets as they come in, and ALL tickets entered in a NAN will be verified against actual show results. This is why it is so important for member show results to be sent in to NAMHSA.

  3. The NAN Registrar/Committee will enter into the NAN show database/computer ONLY those horses who have registered to show by submitting an entry form with ticket(s) for each horse.

  4. NAN entrants will receive an entry confirmation packet with horse's entry numbers and classes entered printed out, for verification. Plus all additional show information.

  5. All submitted tickets and show data/entry numbers will be discarded at the end of each NAN, so that no problems such as duplicate data or already used qualifications showing up at another NAN will be encountered.

Last updated on August 15, 2012