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Have you heard? There's going to be a NAN Auction! The auction will be held in the conference space in the Clarion Hotel in Lexington, KY (CHIN) on Thursday, July 21st, 2016 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm. It will be a live auction run by Kentucky auctioneer Tim Lyons (license ‪#P1699‬). Items will be at NAN for viewing each day. Proxy bidding is welcome, payment methods include credit cards through PayPal and cash.

NAN Lot 1
Lot #1: Jewelry Set by Sharon Mossy Set hand made by Sharon Mossy of Emerald Meadow Stables Studios. Beads are Czech glass, metal is gold plated. Earrings hang down about 1.25” from the bottom of the hook’s loop. Bracelet closes with a toggle clasp and is 7.75” in length. The bracelet is extremely flexible and comfortable to wear. Starting bid $25
NAN Lot 2
LOT #2: Merry Weather mini resin donated by Jenn Danza and painted by Kristen Cermele Merryweather is a brand new release from Jenn Danza Studio and professionally cast by Mountain View Studios. His grouchy body has been painted to bay roan by Kristen Cermele. Starting bid $30
NAN Lot 3
LOT #3: Jesse with accessories donated by Yashka Hallein and Jana Skybova This is the Tractor Supply Breyer Special Run Jesse with NAMHSA themed saddle pad, bonnet and boots and NAMHSA pony pouch. Starting bid $25
NAN Lot 4
Lot #4: Sherbert Lemmon mini resin donated by Elena Lemm Sherbert Lemmon is sculpted by Eva Rossiter of Celtic Cob Studio. A run of 30, he is painted by Elena Lemm to a rich chestnut with just a touch of chrome. Starting bid $30
NAN Lot 5
LOT #5: Arvakr resin, donated by Katja Contu and painted by Angelica Nelson Arvakr is a traditional Swedish Ardennes stallion by Paul Sanders painted to a rich flaxen chestnut by Angelica Nelson. Starting bid $100
NAN Lot 6
Lot #6: Jacob resin, donated by Lisa Sharpe and painted by Beatha Sellman Jacob is a traditional scale pulling Belgian gelding sculpted by Lisa Sharpe. He has been painted to a smooth and shaded chestnut sabino by Beatha Sellman. Photo is an in progress photo. Starting bid $100
NAN Lot 7
LOT #7: OF Valegro with dressage tack, donated by Cicci Engdahl & Mistic Vintage Tack This is the UK release Valegro with custom made saddle, bridle, girth and pad. Bridle is by Lindsay Diamond, saddle is by Suzanne Combs. Starting bid $50
NAN Lot 8
LOT #8: Custom traditional jump donated by Cassie Thomas Cassie has created this beautiful traditional scale black and white jump with 2 poles and 4 flower pots. Starting bid $25
NAN Lot 9
LOT #9: Gypsy Gold resin, donated by Resins by Randy and painted by Erika Ipes Gypsy Gold is a traditional scale Gypsy Vanner, hollow cast reinforced by stainless steel rods.He is painted to a luscious palomino pinto by Erika Ipes and his base is removable. Starting bid $100
NAN Lot 10
Lot #10: Crusader mini resin, donated and painted by Jen Olp Mini Crusader is a mini scale dressage gelding sculpted by Stacey Tumlinson of Tabaskeau Studio. He is painted to a rich black with a sandy base. Starting bid $30
NAN Lot 11
Lot #11: Jump with accessories, donated by Model Horse Jumps and Jana Skybova Traditional scale white jump with poles, accessories include saddle pad, bonnet and boots by Jana. Starting bid $25
NAN Lot 12
Lot #12: Copperfox SR Bertie with custom halter, donated by Harriotte Preston Copperfox SR for the UK Bertie is a beautiful bay pinto on the new Cob mold. Halter is custom made by Harriotte Preston of Divine Justice Studio. Starting price $40
NAN Lot 13
Lot #13: Shetland mini resin, donated by Sheri Rhodes and painted by Kimberly Bleeker Feisty mini resin Shetland sculpted by Sheri Rhodes, he’s painted to a golden buckskin appaloosa by Kimberly Bleecker. Starting price $30
NAN Lot 14
Lot #14: Egyptian Dancing Horse Costume with Stone Arabian, created and donated by Jill Aman This Dancing Horse costume was designed for maximum sparkle and comes complete with a bay PS Arabian to show it on! Costume features Rio Rondo hardware throughout. Starting bid $50
NAN Lot 15
Lot #15: 9x12 original painting by Sue Sudekum Description to come. Starting bid $25
NAN Lot 16
Lot #16: Arab set with Rhapsody in Black, created and donated by Melissa Halvas OOAK Arabian Horse Jewelry style presentation set by Melissa Halvas of Arabesque Model Horse Creations. Inspired by a photo of a real set, and comes with the new Breyer Weathergirl, Rhapsody in Black. Will also fit the PS Arabian and other models similar in size. Starting bid $50
NAN Lot 17
Lot #17: Rocket resin, donated by Kitty Cantrell and painted by Caroline Boydston Rocket is hollow cast with a solid base, complete with supporting rods/wires in the legs and tail. She is a traditional scale Standardbred mare painted to a fabulous dapple bay by Caroline Boydston. Photo is an in progress photo. Starting price $100
NAN Lot 18
Lot #18: Performance base by Mike Owen Description to come. Starting bid $40
NAN Lot 19
Lot #19: Custom stablemate by Franceyn Dare A gorgeous resculpted G1 Morgan to a feisty criollo stallion with traditional docked tail and roached mane. Starting price $50
NAN Lot 20
Lot #20: Unlimited entry for NAN 2017, donated by NAMHSA This certificate is good for one unlimited entry for NAN 2017. Starting price $50
NAN Lot 21
Lot #21: Jim West donation model, created and donated by Equine Constellation Creation All proceeds of this custom painted fantasy creature will be donated to the Jim West Memorial Fund. Starting price $50
NAN Lot 22
Lot #22: Test/OOAK Breyer donated by Breyer Animal Creations Breyer created this gorgeous buckskin appaloosa on the Cody mold. He has mapping around his whites, detailed hooves and eyes. Here is your chance to acquire a fabulous one-of-a-kind original finish Breyer! Starting price $100
Last updated on July 2, 2016