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NAMHSA Member Show of the Year


The Member Show of the Year Program gives entrants a chance to reward the NAMHSA member live shows that they believe to be outstanding. Any live show exhibitor may nominate a NAMHSA member show for the NAMHSA Member Show of the Year ("MSOTY") award. Nominations are gathered throughout the year. Please see our NAMHSA Member Show of the Year Nominations Form for details.

Member Show of the Year

The wait is over, nominees are in and the voting has concluded!

The winner of the 2018 Member Show of the Year goes to.... Models in the Sunshine

This is not the first time the "MITS" show has been honored as a nominee for Member Show of the Year. Congratulations Jackie and keep up the good work!
This year's 2nd runner up was All-American Quarter Horse Show
This year's 3rd runner up was Raise the Roof Live!

NAMHSA would like to congratulate the following shows on being nominated for 2018 Member Show of the Year (MSOTY)!

  • All-American Quarter Horse Model Horse Show, hosted by Kim Bjorgo-Thorne. Held October 6, 2017, in Columbus, OH (R7)
  • River City Model Horse Show Live, hosted by Angela Morlock. Held August 12, 2017, in Evansville, IN (R8)
  • Raise the Roof Live!, hosted by Tanya Lewis. Held September 8, 2017, in Becker, MN (R4)
  • MITS (Models in the Sunshine), hosted by Jackie Moore. Held January 13, 2018, in Port St Lucie, FL (R6)
  • 30th Annual Southern Model Horse Convention, hosted by Laura Behning. Held October 7, 2017 in Covington, GA (R6)

Our thanks goes out to the Member Show of The Year Committee members for your help in choosing the MSOTY. Our Committee Chair, Chris Walbruch and our panelists: Heather Moss (Region 1), Kristin Arendt (Region 2), Teresa Buzzell (Region 3), Carra McClelland (Region 4), Elena Lemm (Region 5), Julia Platt (Region 6), Jennifer Pomerance (Region 7), Lauren Maltsby (Region 8), Adrien Synott (Region 9), Danielle Miller (Region 10), Bobbie Mosimann (Region 11). Committee also includes previous 2017 winning show holder, Jennifer Buxton of the Jennifer Show.

Thank you all for your participation and dedication.

Previous Winners

2017 - The Jennifer Show, hosted by Jennifer Buxton and Jennifer Scott
2016 - Circle C Classic Show, hosted by Beth Patterson 2015 - Butterflies and Bell Boots, hosted by Colleen McNamara and Angela Youkers
2014 - Plastic Ponies On Parade, hosted by Shelley Hogle
2013 - Carolina Gold Classic, hosted by Julia Harmon
2012 - NW Expo, hosted by Traci Durrell-Khalife
2011 - Arizona Live, hosted by Teresa Candelaria
2010 - Cookeville Classic, hosted by Kylee Demers
2009 - Model Horses Anonymous, hosted by Heather Jackson-Lain
2008 - RC's Dog and Pony Show, hosted by Christine Patterson
2007 - Region 10 Regionals, hosted by Dianne Lievense
2006 - Smoky Mountain Spring Fling, hosted by Heather Malone-Bogle
2005 - Mid-Atlantic Regionals, held by Betsy Andrews
2004 - Mountain City Live 4, held by Nella Dione
2003 - Bring out your Chinas, held by Adalee Velasquez
2002 - ZEBRA, held by Melissa Gaulding
2001 - Savannah Benefit Live, held by Sarah Butler
2000 - Greater Pittsburgh, held by Jane Wagner and Kelli Scotti
1999 - Rodeo City Live, held by Christie Partee
1998 - Tejas Live, held by Daralyn Wallace

Last updated on January 31, 2019