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Send Your Show Results to NAMHSA

Why are results needed?

In order for the horses that earn qualification at your NAMHSA member show to be properly recorded by NAMHSA for the Nationals, you MUST send in your show's results to NAMHSA!

For many showers, getting horses NAN qualified is extremely important because their goal is to show at NAN. It may be why they chose to go to your show. To show at NAN, showers must submit their NAN cards which are then verified against the show results sent in by NAMHSA Member Showholders. If NAMHSA does not receive the results, all NAN cards are deemed invalid and showers can not use them for NAN entry or Merit Awards. As a NAMHSA Member Showholder you are obligated to submit these results.

Show results, for those not familiar with the term, are a written report of the show's winners. The name of the class, the number of models who showed in the class, then the names of the horses that won placings, in order, with the name, initials or other model owner ID. Shows also report the champions awarded. It is considered a common, expected hobby practice to provide such results to every entrant of your show.

A typical result report for one class looks like this:

20. Open Western Performance (18): 1. Vanity KG; 2.Pride MS; 3.Joy DF; 4.King LI; 5.Queen RE; Prince ST; 7.Princess BC; 8.Baby AS; 9.Socks LK; 10.Tiny SW

Showholders who do not submit results will be listed in the NAMHSA News and on the NAMHSA website and risk invalidation of all NAN cards and much ire from those who attended the show.

Does NAMHSA need full results?

NAMHSA does not require full results from the whole show, just the names of the models that won 1st and 2nd place in the NAN qualifier classes, and a list of entrants and a key to identifying them in the results, if entrant names are not used. But, if it is easier for you to just send to NAMHSA a copy of the same results you send your entrants, that is perfectly okay!

When must results be submitted?

We require that your show's results be sent to the NAMHSA Secretary by no later than ONE MONTH (30 DAYS) AFTER YOUR SHOW DATE.

We are aware that after a show the last thing a showholder wants to think about is results. A good suggestion is to find a friend to gather, type and email your show's results (combined in a single file) for you! This "show secretary" can make the process go smoother for you, while you handle the other duties. You can reward them with a suitable gift like a waived entry fee to your show!

Any show that does not send its results to NAMHSA by the deadline risks denial of renewal as a future member show, and the sincere ire of that show's entrants, whose horses will NOT be qualified for a NAN! We recommend whenever possible that you release the results to the entrants for them to double check owners and horse's names.

Results Checklist

Here's how your show's results should be formatted/organized for NAMHSA. Use the checklist below to be sure you've included everything.

  • The names of the horses that won first and second place in each NAN qualifier class. We do NOT need to see all 10 placings, so if you can format your results to show just the first 2 placings in each class, that would be great.

    If you cannot reformat your results, then a copy of the full results in each class is just fine! We do not need anything but the Open classes, those that were approved as qualifiers. (No Novice, Youth, Fun, Fantasy, Collector-Group classes, etc.)

  • Full name of each entrant who owns the horses that win first and second place in each NAN qualifier class. If the entrants' names are not used in the show results, a key must be provided so that entrant names can be matched to the initials or numbers used in the results.

  • Your show's name, date, and your name and address must be somewhere on the results!

  • The results must be submitted in a searchable format such as a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet, or a searchable PDF (not a scan of written results as a PDF) in a single file. If results are not submitted per policy, the showholder runs the risk of the NAN cards for their show being invalidated and future shows being not approved.

Send your show's results to the Show Results Processor at Per a membership vote in December 2012, results must be submitted in a searchable digital format (not hand-written and/or scanned) by email within 30 days of show date.

Last updated on December 11, 2012